yoga & sarah

yoga for me is taking care of my whole self.
reconnecting to my body and inner being and listening to what it is saying. forgetting for a moment what is happening around me. yoga is letting go, slowing down, finding flow, breathing and coming back to my true self.
yoga is growth, change, adventure and expansion as well as rest, silence, being and quiet.
yoga is stillness and motion.
yoga is asana and meditation.
yoga is inside and out.
yoga is consciousness.
yoga is connection.

inside flow

inside flow

all you need is inside!
when i discovered this style of yoga i instantly fell in love. i was home. the unique combination of yoga and music was and still is the most beautiful form of connection, flow and oneness i know in the physical part of yoga. inside flow is dancing, it is flow in it's most fluid form. it is emotion, experience and expression. it is so so beautiful. 


i practice daily meditation since many years and i don't know anything that has changed me as much as this practice. meditation is what brought me to yoga, meditation is what brought me closer to my inner being and meditation is what makes me grow towards who i really am and want to be. love is not enough of a word to say how much i appreciate my daily meditation. this time when i sit down to be quiet, to be with me, with my higher self, with the universe, with mother earth, with all there is.. this time is more than precious and it is my gift to myself. living in a fast paced world today i think meditation is the most productive and loving way to take care of ourselves.